High performance materials for light weighting

In the automotive industry, the demand for materials capable of withstanding various performance conditions is crucial. Polymer composite materials and advanced plastics are integral to automobile manufacturing, serving various purposes from bumpers to dashboards. In modern light vehicles, these state-of-the-art plastics make up a substantial portion of the total vehicle volume while maintaining low weight percentages. This drives the need for innovative material solutions in the automotive sector.

Our talc, produced through a proprietary delaminating process, boast significantly higher aspect ratios compared to conventionally micronised talc. These talcs are employed in automotive engineering, allowing manufacturers to create thinner parts that contribute to lighter cars. This not only enhances fuel efficiency but also reduces emissions.
Organoclays, composed of organic cations bonded to platy clay minerals, play a pivotal role in improving the mechanical, thermal, and barrier properties of polymers when compounded together. Our high-whiteness, hectorite-based organoclays are especially effective in enhancing the thermal resistance of electrical and electronic components that are exposed to high temperatures.

Our Benathix® organoclay, along with Thixatrol® and Thixin® organic rheology modifiers, are designed to fine-tune the viscosity and flow characteristics of unsaturated polyester resin-based gelcoats, spray-ups, and layup coating technologies commonly used in performance composite applications. These additives offer several advantages over fumed silica thickening agents, including enhanced performance and cost-effectiveness.


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