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Finntalc as functional paper & board filler

Mineral fillers play a crucial role in enhancing paper quality by filling the gaps between paper fibres, leading to improved opacity, whiteness, and surface characteristics. Our talc, characterised by its plate-like, soft, and hydrophobic particles, offers unique advantages as a paper and board filler. In calendered paper grades, it significantly enhances paper smoothness and compressibility.

The hydrophobic properties of our talc allow to adsorb pitch and organic impurities, ultimately improving paper machine runnability. Additionally, in the production of coloured paper grades, talc exhibits exceptional dye retention capabilities. This not only keeps the water cycle clean but also accelerates grade changes in the paper machine. Furthermore, coarse fillers excel in preserving paper strength, making them ideal for paper grades where strength is a key factor.

Our exceptionally soft talc contributes to reduced abrasion, particularly in processes like die-cutting label papers, which, in turn, minimises wear on paper machine clothing. Moreover, as fillers such as our talc are generally more cost-effective than wood fibres, their use offers economic advantages in paper production.


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