Paper coatings

Reliable solutions to improve papers surface quality

Paper is coated mainly to improve its aesthetical appeal and improve durability, printability, and optical properties. With our mineral and additive products, we work synergistically with pigments, binder, and other additives to enhance your paper coating performance and requirements in the best possible way. We rely on talc for raw materials because it is the softest mineral on earth. Our pure FINNTALC can be used for various coated paper products. It helps, for example, due to its excellent frictional properties to reduce breaks in gravure printing. This enables positive effects on the running properties of large printing rolls in gravure printing. Finntalc is a lamellar talc with an ideal particle size and very hydrophobic. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for coatings that provide barrier properties. The synthetic thickeners in our portfolio allow you to achieve the right rheology for paper coatings.

Both our product ranges optimises the water retention of the coating, so the binder does not migrate into the base paper. This also makes our products particularly suitable for use in food packaging.




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