RHEOLATE® solutions

Mastering paper coating excellence with RHEOLATE® solutions

RHEOLATE® solutions for optimal rheology, water retention, and ease of use.

Striking the delicate balance between rheology and water retention is essential for achieving the perfect coating on paper and cardboard, simplifying machine operations and ensuring precise coat weight control. In coating applications, the binder's multifaceted role is crucial, and preventing binder migration to the base paper during application is pivotal. Synthetic thickeners, like our RHEOLATE® 125 P & RHEOLATE® 185 P solutions, are crafted with ease and comfort in mind, exhibiting strong dynamic water retention to prevent binder migration. This ensures coating color stability within the circulation system, maintaining smooth coating machine performance and high-quality paper properties during printing and processing.

Learn more in our technical brochure on Optimizing paper and cardboard coatings!

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Optimal viscosity modification: Experience the perfect thickening effect with our portfolio of viscosity modifiers. Designed for ease of use, our products offer optimal viscosity modification to enhance your coating color preparation process.

Superior water retention: Maintaining ideal water-holding capacity is vital when coating paper. Our products excel in water retention, preventing binder migration to the base paper, ensuring stable and high-quality coatings.

Safe for food contact: Safety is paramount in our final products. Both RHEOLATE® 125 P & RHEOLATE® 185 P are approved for use in food contact applications, providing peace of mind when used in applications involving food contact.