Health, Safety and Environment

Our top priority: the safety of our employees, the environment and the communities in which we operate. Our goal: a world-class HSE program that continuously delivers excellence in HSE, while focusing on zero harm.

TogetherSAFE: our Pledge of Safety and Zero Injuries

TogetherSAFE: that is our pledge of safety and zero injuries. 
Because: safety is one of our core values. A promise to ourselves, to our families. Safety is our way of life. A shared responsibility.
TogetherSAFE is an extension of the core values that guide us at Elementis. It pulls our commitment to safety and our team ethos into a culture of shared responsibility – and shared success. 
Because: we can't achieve outstanding safety performance without the support and commitment of each individual. Everyone plays a part in our company's success - in safety and beyond. 
TogetherSAFE. These are not empty words, but a pledge and commitment to absolute safety and zero injuries. None of us is safe until all of us are safe.

Our Key HSE Programs

Ten Life Saving Rules

Clear - practical - mandatory. Elementis' ten life-saving rules are a top priority. Because it is irrefutably clear: Failure to comply with these rules results in an increased risk of injury to our employees, contractors and/or visitors. That's why upon learning of a violation of even one of the lifesaving rules, every employee must immediately notify supervisors. And: It is the responsibility of every employee to stop work in any situation where a life-saving rule is not followed.

  • Authorised operators only seat belts must be worn
  • Fall protection required when working at heights
  • Know and coply with PPE requirements for every task
  • Obey driving laws and mobile phone use policy
  • Permit required for line breaking
  • Only qualified personnel can work on energised equipment
  • Obtain safe work permit and approved work plan
  • Permit required for lock out / tag out
  • Permit required for performing hot work
  • Permit required for confined space entry