Paper & pulp

Enhance your paper coating performance

Our commitment to innovative research and development, coupled with our high-quality raw materials, positions us to contribute to the paper and pulp industry's drive for greater energy and raw material efficiency. We specialise in sourcing products tailored for specific applications, delivering added value to your business through product development. The synergy between Elementis additives and minerals is harnessed to enhance paper coating performance.

In an increasingly digital world, the paper industry remains resilient, with opportunities for growth beyond graphic papers. We actively engage in this evolving landscape, constantly striving to provide practical solutions to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our product portfolio includes specialised offerings like Finntalc P for pulp and paper pitch control and Finntalc F for paper & board filling.

Mastering paper coating excellence with RHEOLATE® solutions

RHEOLATE® solutions for optimal rheology, water retention, and ease of use.

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Barrier coatings

Unique properties of Finntalc improve barrier performance

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Paper coatings

Reliable solutions to improve papers surface quality

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Paper filler

Finntalc as functional paper & board filler

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Pitch control

Effective quality enhancement through pitch control

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Adding future

Every day, we rely on products that enhance our comfort. Their colors, textures, and quality inspire us. That's why we incorporate meaningful, functional, and protective elements. Adding future to everyday life.


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