Sustainable Ingredients

We focus on lowering the overall material footprint and reduce the amount of resources needed - allowing tremendous impact on the final product’s performance and sustainability. Determined to replace fossil derived with renewable or recycled - without compromising on quality and performance – we develop additives sourced from nature and switch to more natural materials. While this is positive for our sustainable goals, it is also helping our customer commitment to reach their sustainable goals. 

Key commitments

By innovating we can offer sustainable additives – helping you create more sustainable products. 

Our wide range of natural, natural derived and biobased multifunctional additives help you to add sustainability to your formulations. 

A solid approach towards resources promises responsible use of energy, water, and raw materials. 

Key technologies and brands


100% active, VOC free rheology modifiers with upto 100% renewable materials


Highly efficient, natural or naturally derived, 100% active, unique clay compositions


Additives that are up to 100% bio-based - ranging from defoamers to coalescing agents to help improve product performance and reduce production time.