General industrial coatings

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General industrial coatings cover a wide range of complex applications, and as personalised demands continue to rise, formulation designers face the challenge of tailoring coatings to specific scenarios. 
Despite their small size, our additives play a pivotal role in creating paint and coating formulations. With their critical impact on production, application and use performance, they offer the distinctive solutions the industrial coatings market demands.

Our innovative industrial additives not only save energy and streamline processes but also significantly impact production, application, and overall coating performance. They empower the development of multifunctional additives and special resins, boosting coating durability and creating captivating, futuristic effects.

We offer a comprehensive range of solutions for waterborne, solvent-based, and solvent-free technologies. Our additives contribute to prolonged performance, improved sag resistance, facilitate high film build, exhibit shear-thinning behaviour, and enhance efficient spray application. Ultimately, they are designed to help you achieve the ideal aesthetic appearance and performance while supporting your sustainability objectives, as our additives can play a role in not only reducing volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions but also minimises carbon footprint associated with coatings. This responsiveness enables you to promptly meet your customers' evolving needs and demands.

Can coatings

Supreme can coatings to maintain flavor and quality of food

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Coil coatings

Performance products for high-speed processes

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Adding future

Every day, we rely on products that enhance our comfort. Their colors, textures, and quality inspire us. That's why we incorporate meaningful, functional, and protective elements. Adding future to everyday life.


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