Wetting & dispersing agent

suitable for use various organic or inorganic pigments, it could enhancing higher filler loading and reducing viscosity of UP resin.

Key Properties

· Disponer 912 is an excellent wetting, pigment grinding and anti-flocculation aid in cases where the hydrophilicity of the pigments normally makes their dispersion in hydrophobic binders difficult or impossible. · Be recommended to add into the wood primer in order to improve the wetting of the wood surface and enhance the releasing of air encapsulate. · Significantly Disponer 912 can improve the wettability of pigments; at the same time, the grinding time is reduced, and the hiding power as well as the gloss of the paints film increased In combination with bentonite type materials, the gelling properties of the corresponding pastes are very favorably influenced; at a correct dosage level, even pumpable pastes can be produced without fear of crusting or formation of hardened edges in practice.