Unleashing the power of biobased defoaming with DAPRO® BIO 9910.

A 96% biobased defoamer outperforming mineral oil

Our new defoamer for the architectural sector is a 96% biobased carbon content composition, C14 verified.
Specifically designed to excel in water-based coatings, DAPRO® BIO 9910 takes on an important role in preventing foam during manufacturing and application processes, allowing paint manufacturers to achieve consistent and reliable results.
Derived primarily from renewable biobased vegetable oil, DAPRO® BIO 9910 harnesses the power of an ultrafine dispersion of wax in vegetable oil, perfectly balanced with a precise addition of silicone.


We're adding

  • 96% Biobased composition: Making better and greener formulations with 96% biobased carbon content material, C14 verified and mostly derived from vegetable oil.
  • Effectiveness and reproducibility: The outstanding stability ensures long-term effectiveness and reproducibility which provides reliable results with every application. Its universal use provides broad compatibility.
  • Consistency and smooth finishing: A solid approach towards resources promises responsible use of energy, water, and raw materials.