SUPREAD™ 3410 demonstrates superior wetting and spreading on porous surfaces with minimal foaming

[Cologne, 28 May 2024] - Elementis, a leading specialty chemical supplier of rheology modifiers for paint, coating, and industrial aqueous applications, proudly announces SUPREAD™ 3410, a low foaming silicone substrate wetting agent. Designed with an innovative branch structure and precise control over hydrophilic properties, SUPREAD™ 3410 offers unique wetting and spreading on porous surfaces like wood substrate while maintaining remarkably low foaming properties.

"As industrial coating manufacturers navigate the transition from solvent-based to water-based systems to meet stringent VOC reduction regulations, the demand for effective additives has never been more pressing. Addressing this critical need, we are excited to introduce SUPREAD™ 3410, a low foaming silicone substrate wetting agent," says Chunfeng Xu, Global Marketing Manager Industrial Coatings.

"Traditional silicone wetting agents, while effective in reducing surface tension and promoting even coating spread, have often been plagued by foaming issues. SUPREAD™ 3410, designed with a unique branch structure and precise hydrophilic control, tackles these challenges head-on. Its dynamic surface tension ensures efficient droplet formation during spraying, while its molecular structure prevents foam stability, leading to excellent coating application.”

Extensively tested across a range of parameters, SUPREAD™ 3410 offers the following benefits:

  • Excellent substrate wetting ability: ensures thorough wetting of both porous and non-porous substrates, resulting in flawless coating application.
  • Low foaming property: eliminates foaming issues, allowing for smoother and more consistent coating application.
  • Effective reduction of static surface tension: reduces static surface tension, enhancing coating spread and adhesion.
  • Good compatibility and long-term activity: boasts excellent compatibility with various coating formulations and maintains efficacy over the long term.
  • Less impact on anti-blocking: exhibits improved anti-blocking properties, ensuring optimal surface finish.
  • VOC reduction and PFAS replacement: contributes to VOC reduction efforts and serves as a sustainable alternative to PFAS-containing additives.

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