Optimizing excellence in ceramic formulations with BENTONE® CRS

Crafted to seamlessly integrate into the highly innovative and cost-driven ceramic market.

Uncover the enhanced potential of your ceramic formulations with BENTONE® CRS, our cost-effective rheological additive meticulously designed for seamless integration into the dynamic ceramic market. 
As we address the industry's challenges of rising costs and the pursuit of enhanced efficiency, BENTONE® CRS stands out as a solution, offering stability, consistency, exceptional purity, and sustainability. Designed with the innovative demands of ceramic producers in mind, this 100% inorganic additive guarantees reliable performance over an extended period. 

We’re adding:

Stability and Consistency: BENTONE® CRS eliminates concerns about settling, ensuring stability and consistency in ceramic formulations. This guarantees the reliability of your ceramic products over an extended period.

Exceptional Purity and Low Iron Content: With exceptional purity and very low iron content, BENTONE® CRS has no adverse influence on the quality of fired glazes. Your ceramics maintain their integrity, meeting the highest standards of quality.

Sustainable Materials for High Performance: Leveraging 100% inorganic additives, BENTONE® CRS utilizes sustainable materials to control rheology and exhibit high-temperature resistance. This enhances the effectiveness of the additive while aligning with eco-friendly practices in ceramic production.