Wetting & dispersing agent

Additive for polar and non-polar systems. Activity for the most part independent of the binder. For systems based on alkyd, epoxy, epoxies, acrylic resins, PUR, polyesters and vinyl compounds.

Key Properties

· Among its other properties, Disponer 904S is highly effective in preventing floating of titanium dioxide pigments in paint formulate- ions also containing colored pigments. As a pigment dispersing and wetting agent, it generally prevents hard settling deposits when basic pigments and carbonate fillers are used. · In contrast to certain silicone oils, Disponer 904S does not as a rule produce cratering. It is a very effective flow promoter and eliminates surface disturbances in the film when added at the proper level. In addition, the scratch resistance and slip properties of the film are considerably improved Disponer 904S can be used in both water-thinnable and solvent-containing systems. · Disponer 904S functions independent of the binder system to a very great degree, allowing a wide range of use.