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A Cleaner and Greener Glow

Consumers are becoming savvier than ever when it comes to skin care products and sun care is no exception. Sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients in addition to multi-functional benefits like protection from UV and blue lights, smooth skin-feel, instant glow, tanning effects and moisturizing are trending. 

In response to today’s consumers needs of clean and safe beauty products, we offer ingredients and formulations that allow customers to go beyond just UV protection and solve their formulating challenges. See our featured ingredients and formulations below. 


This COSMOS approved*, vegan ingredient creates a strong network is not only boosting stability of the O/W emulsion itself, but also making it a natural in suspending mineral UV filters, while providing heat resilient rheology. 

* BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2100 is a raw material approved by Ecocert Greenlife in accordance with the COSMOS Standard


Thanks to our BENTONE HYDROCLAY™ 2100 which stabilizes the emulsions and suspends actives, this daily wear facial cream has a light sensory texture allowing a smooth and even application while giving a dry touch after feel. The cream has a proposed SPF 25 with PA+++ which helps to protect damage from the sun.


This vegan emulsifying gel creates extremely stable emulsions with the ability to create a variety of textures. Emulsions containing BENTONE® LUXE XO apply easily without leaving a greasy film on the skin. It can create water in oil systems containing extremely high oil content, ideal to reach highest SPF performance. 

Say bye-bye to greasy, sticky sunscreen! 
The outstanding stabilizing power of our BENTONE® LUXE XO in combination with the high oil content utilizes particle suspension, providing this Dry Touch Mineral Sunscreen a light texture and excellent wear resistance. 

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