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Air Pollution – The Cause of Skin Aging

According to the WHO, air pollution is the number one risk to human health as air pollutants are known to have a negative impact to our skin. Signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation changes, disrupted barrier function, dryness and other imperfections are often the effect of pollutants. Dermatologists suggest to have a skin care routine to help protect our skin from pollution. Check out the below suggested skin care routines and our recommendations.

Mild cleansing

Cleansing morning and night to remove dirt and toxins from the skin‘s surface. 

Our BENTONE HYDROCLAY ™ 2100 improves cleansing efficacy of mild facial cleansers and has supreme oil absorption ability that creates flawless looking skin.

  • Improved mild cleansing efficacy
  • Creates flawless looking skin
  • Light and luxurious skin feel
  • Formulation versatility
    • Cold processable
    • Synergistic with other thickeners
  • Provides stability and suspension to low viscosity formulas
    • Heat stability
    • Reduced syneresis

Deep cleansing

Exfoliating once a week to give the skin a deeper clean and improve penetration of serum and moisturizer.

Our BENTONE HYDROCLAY ™ 2000 shows higher Cation Exchange Capacity (CEC), resulting in better removal of toxins and unwanted components.

 Provides high suspension efficiency and stability for powders and pigments in water phase

  • Light and elegant skin feel
  • Creates flawless looking skin
    • Soft-focus effect
    • Mattifying
    • Moisture retention
  • Formulation versatility
    • Cold processable
    • Synergistic with other thickeners


Moisturizing daily to keep skin hydrated and to strengthen the barrier function of the skin.

Our MEADOWESTOLIDE® shows outstanding performance in adjusting the hydration level and in the recovery of skin permeability barrier, providing hydration and protection against pollution.

  • Helps adjust hydration level
  • Provides skin moisturization benefits
  • Provides protection benefits to the skin
  • Contributes to an elegant after-feel
  • Improves elegance and texture of products


Using sunscreen daily to protect skin from UV rays and blue light, and to help minimize the risk of skin cancer.

Our BENTONE® LUXE series shows great blue light and SPF enhancement function.

  • Providing boosting effect to reach highest SPF
  • Caring and luxurious sensory
    • Water-release effect with hydrating sensation
    • Rich yet velvety skin feel
  • Formulation versatility
    • From very high oil to very high water
    • Cold processable

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