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AqFresh Pure - Smart body odor control

The new and patented AqFresh™ Pure technology developed by Aqdot® is the next generation of smart odor control. Named after Cucurbita, the Latin word for pumpkin, its unique supramolecular structure enables capture of molecules such as malodors and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). The pumpkin-like shape hereby allows AqFresh™ Pure to release preloaded molecules such as fragrances upon the presence of malodors.
Awarded Cradle to Cradle Platinum Material Health Certificate, AqFresh™ Pure has undergone human health and environmental safety testing and has been registered without any hazardous classification or labelling. It is not bioaccumulating, hazardous to fish, aquatic invertebrates, or microorganisms in sewage plants (OECD 202, 203, 209, 211) and considered as not persistent in the environment. 

For more information about AqFresh™ Pure and formulas, please click here to download the product leaflet or visit AqFresh™ Pure information page.