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Golden Milk Clay Mask - sourced from nature

According to the WHO, air pollution is the number one risk to human health as air pollutants are known to have a negative impact to our skin. Signs of aging such as wrinkles, pigmentation changes, disrupted barrier function, dryness and other imperfections are often the effect of pollutants. Dermatologists suggest to have a skin care routine to help protect our skin from pollution. Check out the below suggested skin care routines and our recommendations.

Our Golden Milk Clay Mask formula uses our multi-functional water-phase rheology modifier sourced from nature - BENTONE® HYDROCLAY 550. It creates a smooth, easily washable mask that is rich in minerals and has detoxifying properties for the perfect glowing skin.   

With four simple ingredients that are vegan and natural, this mask is an anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, hydrating and protein-rich formula that leaves skin soft and nourished. Have a look how our experts create this precious mask:

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