Introducing NALZIN® FA 180: a new rust prevention solution for aqueous paint systems


Shanghai, 15 November 2023 –  Elementis, a leading specialty chemical supplier of additives for paint, coating & industrial aqueous applications, is proud to announce NALZIN® FA 180, an innovative product that addresses the common challenge of flash rust in aqueous paint systems.

NALZIN® FA 180 presents an special composition that presents extended protection against rust and corrosion. Commencing as a water-dispersible solution, NALZIN® FA 180 seamlessly transforms into a non-water dispersible, insoluble zinc compound during the film drying process. This property contributes to its effectiveness in delivering enduring rust protection and a durable finish.

Designed to blend with a wide range of water-dilutable paint systems, NALZIN® FA 180, an organic zinc complex with a low nitrite addition, can be easily incorporated into various applications, including water-dilutable alkyds, acrylics, epoxies, and dispersion paints.
A significant feature is its ability to prevent flash rust, the formation of rust during the drying process of aqueous paint systems on iron-containing substrates. NALZIN® FA 180 effectively addresses this issue, ensuring that surfaces remain rust-free during the drying phase.
Additionally, NALZIN® FA 180 significantly enhances the rust-resisting capabilities of the dry paint layer, thus preventing in-can corrosion during storage.

Key Features
NALZIN® FA 180 boasts several features that contribute to its effectiveness as a corrosion prevention solution:

  • Strong affinity for iron substrates: NALZIN® FA 180 forms a robust bond with iron substrates, effectively preventing flash rust and preserving the appearance of painted surfaces.
  • Decreased water sensitivity: NALZIN® FA 180 remains effective in the presence of water, ensuring durability in various conditions.
  • Anionic passivated layer: This product forms an anionic passivated layer that inhibits corrosion after the film has dried, ensuring long-term rust protection.
  • In-Can Rust Inhibitor: NALZIN® FA 180 can serve as an in-can rust inhibitor, prolonging the shelf life of paint systems.
  • Improved weathering: NALZIN® FA 180 empowers paint systems to withstand the test of time and weather, preserving their appearance.

NALZIN® FA 180 will be produced in China, where we have a solid presence in the industrial coatings sector. Our objective is to consolidate our foothold and foster the development of these regions, encompassing China, Southeast Asia, and other emerging markets, by introducing innovative products like NALZIN® FA 180.

For more information, check the NALZIN® FA 180 product page.

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