Introducing RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P for the paper coating industry, the perfect blend of rheology and water retention

Cologne, 14 March, 2024 – Achieving the perfect paper and cardboard coating just got easier with our latest innovations—RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P. Crafted with precision and efficiency in mind, these rheological additives are designed to elevate your coating applications, ensuring optimal viscosity modification, effortless application, and superior water retention.

In the dominion of paper coating applications, the delicate balance between rheology and water retention is crucial. Our RHEOLATE solutions RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P have been developed to simplify coating machine operations, offering precise coat weight control while preventing binder migration to the base paper.

RHEOLATE® 125 P, an alkali swellable emulsion with an acrylic backbone, distinguishes itself with cost-effective, high-thickening efficiency. This ASE-type synthetic thickener excels in optimal viscosity modification, effortless application, and superior water retention, making it a versatile solution for stable and high-quality paper and cardboard coatings.
RHEOLATE® 185 P, a cost-effective HASE-type synthetic thickener, delivers optimal viscosity modification, effortless application, and superior water retention. This low-viscosity liquid is ideal for paper and cardboard coatings, ensuring easy addition and incorporation for efficient processes.

Both are designed to replace cellulosic thickeners.

Key features of both RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P:

  • Optimal viscosity modification: tailored to meet precise rheological requirements.
  • Effortless application: designed for ease of use, simplifying the thickening process.
  • Superior water retention: maintains ideal water-holding capacity for stable and high-quality coatings.
  • Safe for food contact: approved for use in food contact applications.

Versatile integration, sustainable solutions
Both RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P offer environmentally friendly, APEO and VOC-free formulations with an active concentration ranging from 25% to 30%. These thickeners can be seamlessly combined with other rheology modifiers as needed, providing versatile solutions with substantial cost savings and low dosage requirements.

Easy integration, enhanced efficiency
Our products are created to prioritize user convenience. They contribute to achieving an effective thickening process through our diverse range of viscosity modifiers, aiming for optimal rheology. They can seamlessly be integrated into coating color preparation process, streamlining thickening procedures and improving operational efficiency.

Safety and compliance
Safety is paramount in our final products. Both RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P have undergone testing and are approved for use in food contact applications, offering peace of mind for applications involving food contact.

Availability and application
RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P can be added as the last component in the paper coating preparation, directly incorporated without dilution or pre-neutralization. RHEOLATE® 185 P can be added slowly to the formulation under good mixing conditions without dilution, ensuring ease of addition and incorporation in coatings.

Elevate your paper coating operations with RHEOLATE® 125 P and RHEOLATE® 185 P innovative solutions for a seamless and efficient paper coating process.

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