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Cordierite ceramics for high performance and efficient use

Talc is an essential raw material for manufacturing automotive cordierite ceramic products, specifically ceramic catalyst supports and particulate filters for both diesel and gasoline vehicles. Throughout the cordierite ceramic process, talc positively influences each production step. In the mixing of raw materials to form the green body, talc improves rheological performance, facilitating an efficient blending process. During extrusion, talc acts as a lubricant, streamlining the shaping phase. Moreover, talc reduces shrinkage in both the drying and firing processes, ensuring the desired properties in the final products. The low thermal expansion coefficient is a critical attribute of cordierite ceramics, enhancing thermal shock resistance in the end-products. Knowing the importance of talc within the cordierite ceramic process, we offer high-purity, low CaO, lamellar talc grades with precisely controlled chemical composition and particle size distribution. These grades serve as excellent raw materials, providing precise control over thermal expansion and ensuring the desired thermal and physical properties in the end-products. Our natural talc products undergo a multi-step beneficiation process to guarantee consistent quality that meets stringent specifications for chemical composition and particle size distribution. The Finntalc grades, characterized by high purity, macro-crystalline morphology, low CaO, controlled Fe2O3 contents and a controlled particle size distribution, offer exceptionally low thermal expansion coefficients, optimal shaping performance, and precise porosity for catalyst supports and particulate filters.


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